Unit Seal and Description

Perfect circle: Uniformed text size Air Logistics Command is properly aligned and distributed  Year 1998 is written in black. The tower has clear and visible building blocks. Atom is clearly illustrated

The Command seal consist of Two (2) gold stars which represent the TO rank of the Commander, ALC

A. Following figures appear in the logo with its representative

1. Spearhead - the three outer points of the spearhead symbolizes the three major islands namely; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as the area coverage of ALC;

2. Tower - represents engineering, 355th Aviation Engineers Wing;

3. Gear - represents maintenance, the 410th Maintenance Wing;

4. Key - represents supply, the 420th Supply Wing;.

5. Bomb with Atom - represents research and development, particularly the Air    


B. Following are the colors of the logo and its symbolisms:

BLUE - Symbolizes loyalty for the nation and the people
RED - Symbolizes bravery and freedom
WHITE - Symbolizes honesty and purity on the performance of duty
GOLD - Symbolizes the excellence of the personnel in the service for the country

And the number 1998 represents the year of its creation