16 Mar 1979- 55th Air Logistics Division was organized on Provisional Status with two operating units;

- 410th Air Materiel Wing

- 420th Supply Wing

23 Jul 1985- 355th Aviation Engineers Group was re organized under 55th ALD.

01 Oct 1986- Re designated as Air Force Logistics Command (AFLC) and added 419th Motor Transport Squadron.

15 Apr 1998- Creation of Air Logistics and Support Command (ALSC) with command and control to five units;

- 420th Supply Wing

- 410th Maintenance Wing

- 355th Aviation Engineer Wing

- Air Force Research and Development Center

- Philippine Air Force Procurement Center

01 Oct 2004- Renamed to Air Logistics Command (ALC)

26 May 2006- Procurement Center was removed from the Command and Control of ALC

15 Jul 2012- Organization of 4114th Ground Vehicle Depot Level Maintenance Squadron under 410th Maintenance Wing.