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21 November 2017
570th CTW, ABAB, San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City

   The 570th Composite Tactical Wing formally held a Joint Change of Command and Chief of Office Ceremony on Tuesday afternoon, 21 November 2017, at the Marquez Hall of 570th Composite Tactical Wing, Antonio Bautista Air Base, PPC. COL NESTOR FLORENTE DC RAYOS PAF (GSC), Wing Commander, 570th CTW as presiding officer.
   Congratulations to the Following:
      1LT EDWIN ANDREWS GUEVARRA is designated as Squadron Commander of 5722nd Motor Vehicle Squadron (MVS).
      1LT DARYL PAUL CATALUṄA is designated as Admin Officer of 571st Support Group.
      2LT FREDERICK SAPON is designated as Squadron Commander of Civil Engineering Squadron (CES).
      2LT MARC HARVEY ANDRADA is designated as Chief, Civil Engineering Staff Office (CESO).
      2LT REDEN JANE HUCALLA is designated as Public Information Officer (PIO).
   The Presiding Officer, COL RAYOS commended the newly installed Chief and Squadron Commander for ensuring the accomplish of our unit mission and he also reminded them that as military officers, they cannot say “no” to their new designation.
   “You learn from your mistake and learn from the mistake of others” COL RAYOS said.

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