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19 November 2017
570th CTW, ABAB, San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City

    The newly installed 35th Commanding General of the Philippine Air Force, LTGEN GALILEO GERARD R KINTANAR JR AFP rendered his first official and Pre Christmas visit to 570th Composite Tactical Wing, the Air Sentinel of the Western Frontier in Antonio Bautista Air Base, Puerto Prinsesa City, Palawan on 19 November 2017 together with his staff. He was accorded with full military honors upon his arrival at 570th CTW Grandstand with the Deputy Wing Commander, COL SHARON G GERNALE PAF (GSC) as the military host.
   After the honors, the CG, PAF together with his party proceeded to a windshield tour to the different facilities and ongoing constructions sites and buildings of 570th CTW. One of the highlights of the CG, PAF’s visit was the “Talk to the Troops” wherein he fully explained to the personnel of 570th CTW the meaning of the new command’s thrust BLUE TEAM @ TOP SPEED for Peace and Resilient Development.
   Moreover, the CG, PAF ensured the high state of morale of each personnel especially in this upcoming yuletide season.

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