ARCens Commanders are reminded to have a constant dialogue with the regular and reservists personnel in their respective AOR pertaining to the new government administration strict policy against drugs. During SONA, the President pronouncement for reservist to mobilize for info campaign against drug use will be a great opportunity to our reservist to participate on this effort of the government thus, I encourage each reservist to help in this campaign. ARCens are also encourage to double their effort in ROTC advocacy campaign to anticipate the new administration direction of strengthen the ROTC program to instill the love of country and good citizenship. ARCens are also reminded regarding CG's Guidance for the conduct of reservist training focusing the six (6) basic functions of an Air Base Wing thus, implement well the enhancement training program that will capacitate the PAF reservists peculiarity on air base operation and preservation of air force platforms. On recruitment, ARCens, AFWRs and other personnel of this Command will intensify recruitment of potential and capable individual to join the PAF reserve force and affiliate companies, corporations, institutions and organizations that are peculiar to the PAF operations. On training, all concerns to actively supervise and monitor the implementation of all training programs of your respective unit vis-a-vis territorial defense and HADR in relation to reserve force development. ARCens are reminded that the advent of Flight Plan is necessary to the unit strategic development. Along this line, higher headquarters relentlessly monitoring each unit the update regarding the execution plan of their respective flight plan. For Safety, AFRC personnel both regular and reservist are reminded to be safety conscious at all times. AFWRs, ARCens, Manpower and RRA to validate the ready reserve organization structures and manpower fill-up and update the record/exact standby reserve build-up.