Unit Seal and Description

1. The 950th Communications Electronics and Information Systems Group logo contains the numerical 950 and its designation in the organization of PAF major Units pursuant to GO Nr 149, HPAF dated 20 April 2005.

2. The PAF Diamond seal located at the Center represents its Major Service organization in the AFP it is also placed as the background of other objects to signify that the mission of the Group is primary in support for the PAF mission.

3. The Lightning refers to the symbol of electronics that the Units is capable to perform in its mandated functions.

4. The Satellite Disc indicates the Unit’s mandate in the installation, operation and maintenance of terrestrial inter-base communication system such as Microwave and Tactical Repeaters.

5. The Computer indicates the inherent functions of the Unit of providing computer-based information systems of the PAF.

6. The three stars represent the three (3) major islands of the country (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) where the different PAF Bases, Air Stations and Installations are situated. It also indicates that the 950 CEISG provides the PAF CEIS services in the entire archipelago.

7. The White Field means integrity in the delivery of services.

8. The Color orange is the official color of Signal Unit in the AFP.