Pursuant to General Orders Number 156, HPAF dtd 22 April 2005, the Air Force Management Information Center (AFMIC) and the 501st Communication Squadron of the 520th ABW were joined as one unit that resulted to the creation of 950th Communication Electronics and Information Systems Group (CEISG) effective 15 April 2005. The merging aims to achieve timely deliveries of information and quality communication services through proper linkage and connectivity of the PAF ICT.

By decree of the same General Order, the Air Force Management Information Center (AFMIC) was re-designated as 952nd Management Information Squadron (MIS). Similarly, the 5221st Communication Squadron of 520th ABW was re-designated as 951st Communications-Electronics Squadron (CES). With the re-organization and re-designations that took place, 951st CES and 952nd MIS were placed under the command and control of 950th CEISG, thus, becoming its operating arms to accomplish its mandate of providing communications, electronics, and information systems services to the Philippine Air Force. The 951st CES embarked on its new task of providing communications-electronics services to the Philippine Air Force. Conversely, 952nd MIS once again corroborate its task of providing computer-based management information systems and statistical data requirements of the Philippine Air Force. And through the significant participation of 953rd SSS, trustworthily provides logistics support for the accomplishment of 950th CEISG mission.