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When Martial Law was declared, the Philippine Air Force organized the Regional Air Command Mindanao (RACMIN) in PC Hill, Cotabato City in 1972. The operating forces were stationed at Awang Airport, Dinaig Maguindanao under the leadership of COL ISIDRO B AGUNOD 0-3679 PAF (GSC) who was designated as Commander, Composite Air Support Force Cotabato (CASFCOT). Its mission was to support forces deployed in Central Mindanao. It was renamed 621st Composite Tactical Squadron (CTS) and was placed under the command and control of 620th Composite Tactical Group (CTG) along with the 622nd in Davao City and 623rd in Cagayan de Oro. On 26 Jul 85, pur to GO Nr 154, HPAF dt 27 Jul 85, it was again renamed as CASF XII. Its mission was to plan, control and coordinate the employment of tactical air support elements in Central Mindanao. CASF XII performed its mission and functions together with its OPCON elements from the 15th SW, 205th TOW, SPOW, AFWG and AISG. On 01 Feb 99, it was again renamed to Composite Tactical Group XII with the same mission and functions. Pursuant to Sec 2, GO Nr 32, HPAF dtd 31 Jan 01, following the deactivation and renaming of 3rd Air Division into 3rd Tactical Operations Wing, Composite Tactical Group XII was further renamed as “Tactical Operations Group XII to present.

Today, Awang Airport is the home base of Tactical Operations Group XII, to include its Opcon units such as, the 15th SW, 206th Tactical Operations Wing, 722nd Special Operations Squadron, Air Intelligence Service Group and a Weather Detachment.

Tactical Operations Group has COLONEL LAURO N TIANCHON PAF (GSC) as the present Group Commander.


530th Air Base Wing

TOG 9 (Pulacan)

TOG 10 (Cagayan De Oro)

TOG 11 (Davao)
        TOS RBAS

TOG 12 (Cotabato)

        TOS MAPUN
        TOS SIBUTU
        TOS JOLO