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The forerunner of Tactical Operations Group (TOG) 11 in Davao was Task Force Davao (not to be confused with the present Phil Army unit called TF DAVAO), which was organized on 07 May 1973. Its mission then was Civic Action and to provide aerial support to the ground troops in the troubled-middle town of Tarragona and Mati, Davao Oriental.

TF Davao was one of the units placed under the operational control of Regional Air Command Mindanao (RACMIN), which was created in October 1972 by an LOI issued by the Commanding General, PAF. The issuance of LOI was in anticipation of the seriousness of the problem caused by the declaration of Martial Law where pocket revolution staged by Muslim rebels in Marawi City signaled the start of rebellion in the MINSUPALA Region. Rebel groups were already girding to attack AFP camps and other military installation in Sulu Basilan, Zamboanga and Cotabato provinces.

On 01 September 1975, the Task Forces and Composite Air Support Forces - Mindanao (CASFMIN) under RACMIN were reorganized. TF Davao became the 622nd Composite Tactical Squadron (CTS) per T/O Nr F29-5 dtd 25 August 1975.

On 01 April 1976, RACMIN was deactivated and a provisional unit was organized, the Hqs 620th Composite Tactical Group (CTG) pursuant to GO Nr 309 dtd 29 March 1976 per PAF T/O Nr F29-4 dtd 12 March 1976. Later on, pursuant to GO Nr 395 dtd 18 May 1976, and effective 10 May 1976 the 620th CTG was placed under the command and control of the Air Division Commander, 3rd AIR DIVISION.

Under the 620th CTG are three (3) CTS the 6221st in Cotabato City, 622nd CTS at Davao Airport, Davao City and 623rd CTS in Cagayan de Oro City.

On 17 Jan 1982, the 620th CTG Headquarters had moved to Davao International Airport (DIA), temporarily located near the old PAL terminal building. Later on the new headquarters of 620th CTG was constructed at the current location with the full support of the 3rd AD Commander.

The 620th CTG was acclaimed as the Best Supporting Unit of SOUTHCOM for excellence in providing air support to the air requirements of Unit Commanders under SOUTHCOM AOR the 620th CTG along with three (3) of its operating squadrons were unmanned pursuant to GO Nr 196, HPAF dated 01 Sep 87. Composite Air Support Force (CASF) X, XI, XII took over the role of the dissolved units in the AOR of the Group.

A milestone in PAF operations in Davao City was recorded on 17 December 1990 when three (3) F-5s and two (2) T-33 fighter planes landed in Davao City-the first time that fighter jets flew over Davao City.

CASF XI was also adjudged as the Best Supporting Unit of RUC XI in 1986-1987, and in 1990 to 1992, it was thrice adjudged as Best Unit of 3rd Air Division.

In 1997, the Unit was again adjudged as “Best CASF of SOUTHCOM, AFP” and “PAF Group of the Year”.

On 15 October 1998, CASF XI was re-designated as the Composite Tactical Group (CTG) XI.

On 01 February 2001, CTG XI was re-designated as the present Tactical Operations Group (TOG) 11 pursuant to GO Nr 32 HPAF dated 31 January 2001.


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