The Tactical Operations Group 9 Logo

The Shield symbolizes the mandate of the Unit which is to protect its assigned area of responsibility in line with the overall mission of the PAF in Western Mindanao.

The Three (3) Stars stands for the three (3) provinces namely Sulu, Basilan and Zamboanga del Sur (to include Zamboanga City) which fall under the areas of responsibility of the Unit.

The Laurel Leaves depicts the unity and commitment of the assigned personnel in the Unit in accomplishing its mission in the most responsible way that they can.

The Eagle is symbolical to the Air Force being one of the major services in AFP.

The “Kampilan” is a weapon that stands for bravery and determination of the people of this Unit to continue with their assigned task notwithstanding the dangers that may thwart them along the way.

The Vinta, being a popular means of transportation in the area signifies that the Unit is located in an archipelagic region.

The “Tabak” in the middle portion of the vinta signifies that the Unit is in the area of responsibility of the 1st Infantry Division, PA.

The Upper Light Blue Color symbolizes the vast sky that the Air Force guards.

The Lower Royal Blue Color depicts the large bodies of water that surrounds the whole area of the region.


To plan, direct and coordinate the employment of air power in its area of responsibility (AOR).


a. Determines tactical air requirements in its aor.

b. Exercises operational control/ supervision over all force units deployed/ attached thereat.

c. Performs forward air control missions

d. Performs airfield operations and service support functions.

e. Performs civil military operations (cmo) within its aor; and

f. Performs other functions as directed by commander, 3rd air division.