The Tactical Operations Group XII Logo

The Shield itself symbolizes protection for which the Unit’s commitment of protecting and safeguarding its area of responsibility in consonance with the overall mission of the PAF in Central Mindanao;

The TOG stands for the Tactical Operations Group;

The Roman Number XII represents Region 12;

The Emblem in the upper most symbolizes the loyalty and sincerity of its personnel to the mother Unit which is the Philippine Air Force with attached wings means this Unit can soar high and lift up;

The Tabak symbolizes the strong and battle tested personnel within Central Mindanao;

The Laurel Leaves symbolizes the unity of the people working hand in hand in this Unit;

The Blue Color signifies the sky where the Air Force rules supreme;

The White Color separating the two colors (blue and red) signifies purity and sincerity of the thrusts to do its mandate.

The Red Color signifies the courage and tenacity of its personnel to secure the area of responsibility of TOG XII.


To conduct tactical air operations is support to AFP forces within the area of responsibility.


a. Determines tactical air requirements in its AO;

b. Provides air support to AFP combat forces;

c. Conducts forward air control missions;

d. Conducts military operations other than war (MOOTW);

e. Performs airfield operations and services support functions, when necessary;

f. Performs other functions as may be directed by Higher Headquarters/ proper authority.