The Tactical Operations Group XI Logo

The TOG XI – stands for the Tactical Operations Group in Region 11.

The 3rd TOW, PAF - stands for the 3rd Tactical Operations Wing of the Philippine Air Force.

The Five Stars - represent the four provinces of Region XI namely; Davao del Sur, Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, Compostela Valley Province and Davao City - being a leading light- a star shines and luster most especially in the darkest of night, like stars the provinces glory in itself need not fade, hence its continuing protection is the prime consideration of the unit.

The Eagle - signifies clear vision and a bigger perspective and paradigm that like the brightest bird, the Unit will soar like an eagle so as to be able to serve the people in the highest and most noble sacrifice if needed. The mountains of Region X1 are also the habitat of the internationally known monkey eating, Philippine Eagle.

The Aircraft - represent a credible Air Force; it is the major tool of the Unit to accomplish its mandated tasks of ruling the skies and the protection over the country’s sovereignty and integrity of the state.

The Red Trail of the Aircraft - symbolizes the Unit’s mandate to defend the country and its people against any forms of criminality and lawlessness.

The Mount Apo - the verdant mountain stands for Davao City; being the highest mountain in the archipelago found in Region XI, it is a landmark that will surely remind where TOG 11 is strategically situated.

The Blue Color - of the shield signifies the territorial air space where the Air Force supremely rules. It also means that peace and prosperity in its area of responsibility is the prime consideration of the Unit’s existence.

The White Color - stands for the Unit’s transparency and honest dealing with supported units, government agencies, civilians and others who deals and came in contact with the unit.

The Shield – means of protection- an armor used by our forebears which symbolically stands on guard to defend and shelter. The shield is a semblance of authority and a reminder that the Group in its own and humble existence became an invincible protector of the people and sovereignty of the state.


To plan, control and coordinate the employment of tactical air support elements for the AFP Forces in its AOR


a. Serve as air liaison and adviser to AUC Commander;

b. Exercise operational control/supervision over all air force elements deployed/attached to the AUC;

c. Maintain a state of readiness for immediate employment of tactical air support elements within its AOR;

d. Determine the tactical air requirements of the AUC;

e. Provide pertinent AUC with pertinent data in the conduct of tactical air operations;

f. Gather air intelligence necessary for TOG operations;

g. Controls and supervises POL products for Air Operations activities;