The Tactical Operations Group X Logo

The TOG stands for the Tactical Operations Group.

The Number 10 represents Region 10.

The Three (3) Stars represents the three (3) main Philippine Islands - Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The Laurel Leaves represent the unit’s responsibility to the people of Northern Mindanao and the nation as a whole. It is the unit’s courage, honesty and loyalty to the Philippine Constitution.

The “Kampilan”, a native sword represents leadership brought about by the advent of airpower and the men who continue to provide and shape the vision of tomorrow.

The Philippine Air Force Logo signifies that this unit is the credible representative of the Air Force in this part of Mindanao.

The Sash represents the city of GOLDEN FRIENDSHIP, Cagayan de Oro City.

The Blue Color on its upper half delineates the sky where the Air Force rules supreme. It signifies the true meaning of PEACE and Serenity in its area of responsibility.

The White Color separating the two colors, blue and red, reminds everyone to be on-guard in defense of our ideals and our freedoms.

The Red Color on its lower half signifies the meaning of alertness and responsiveness of the men of this unit even beyond the call of duty.

The Shield Houses the all of the symbols above. It signifies defensive posture particularly in the northern part of Mindanao against the enemy of the State. In addition, as a whole the shield depicts the dynamism brought about by airpower - the need to have a leadership base, aircraft for power projection, knowledge as a requisite to maturity, and co-operation and subservience as a key to national progress and unity.


To plan, control and coordinate the employment of air power in its area of responsibility.


a. Determines tactical air requirements in its AO;

b. Exercises operational control/ supervision over all Air Force units deployed/attached thereat;

c. Conducts tactical air operations within area of responsibility;

d. Performs forward air control missions;

e. Performs airfield operations and service support functions;

f. Performs Civil Military Operations (CMO) within its AO; and Performs other functions as directed by Division Commander, 3AD.