f Philippine Air Force :: Official Website


   I.  PAF's Mandates and Functions, Names of its Officials with their Position and Designation, and        Contact Information

         a. PAF's Mandates & Functions


         b. Key Officials of PAF


   II. Annual Reports


         1. Income 


         a. FY 2014

             Status of Hospital Income

         b. FY 2013

         b. FY 2012

         c. FY 2011


   III. Statement of Allotments, Obligations for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014


         a. FY 2014 

         b. FY 2013 

         c. FY 2012 

         d. FY 2011 


   IV. Financial Accountability Reports (FARs)


         a. FY 2014 

            a.1 December

            a.2 September

            a.3 June

            a.4 March

         b. FY 2013 

         c. FY 2012 

         d. FY 2011 


   V. Approved Budgets and Corresponding Targets


          a. Approved Budgets 


               a.1  FY 2014 

               a.2  FY 2013 

               a.3  FY 2012 

               a.4  FY 2011 


          b. MFO Targets 


   VI. Major Programs and Projects Categorized in Accordance to 5 KRAs


   VII. Program/Projects Beneficiaries - NOT APPLICABLE


   VIII. Status of Implementation and Program/Project Evaluation and/or Assessment Reports


   IX. Annual Procurement Plan, Name of Suppliers/Contractors/Consultants


           a.   PAF APP Summary by Mode of Procurement CY-2013 

           b.   PAF APP CY-2014 

           c.   Name of Suppliers/Contractors/Consultants 

           d.   PhilGEPS Posting 


  X.  Physical Performance Report


           a.  FY 2014 

           b.  FY 2013 

           c.  FY 2012 

           d.  FY 2011